Leaked Photo of Cybertruck II

Tesla’s second-gen Cybertruck is due out in 2027. Note the evolution of the design: It is more fluid and easier on the eyes. It embraces a humanity lacking in the current model. Pure speculation, but it looks to be a convertible.

A Perfect Name

Why? Because it does the most important thing a brand name can do: It’s interesting. Which means it’s unforgettable—no money wasted trying to get anyone to remember the name or the product. It’s differentiating, has personality, and is engaging.

“If you visit an Irish pub this St. Patrick’s Day, chances are good it has one of these names”

Via The Washington Post: “The majority of U.S. Irish pubs include a first or last name — Murphy’s Pub, Kelly’s Tavern or Molly’s Pub & Carryout, for example. The remaining 43 percent of pubs that lacked a first or last name are a bit of an amalgamation. References include:

  • Irish landmarks (Blarney Stone Pub, The Killarney, Stephen’s Green)
  • Irish words or objects (The Harp Irish Pub, 3 Kilts Tavern, Paddy Wagon Irish Pub)
  • Stereotypical names (Shenanigans Pub, The Shamrock, The Crazy Leprechaun Bar & Grill)

A smaller minority also referenced:

  • Gaelic words (Fadó, An Seanachi Irish Pub)
  • Irish history and folklore (Boudicca’s Celtic Pub, Napper Tandy’s)

But people’s names are far and away the defining characteristic of the U.S. Irish pub name, with two of the most popular — Murphy and Paddy, short for Patrick — topping the list.

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