About Igor


We're on a mission to create the highest impact names on the planet for our clients.

Because the more powerful your name is, the less you'll spend on marketing and advertising. And any campaign you do launch will be far more effective.

High impact names all share a host of identifiable characteristics, many of which are counterintuitive. We’ve spent more than 20 years deconstructing the most powerful brand names in history, cataloging and identifying the traits they have in common. It's what gives us the ability to replicate their success, yet in a way that’s new and exciting.

Just let us know which of these capabilities you’d like your new name to have and we’ll make it happen:

  • Go viral, propelling itself through the world on its own

  • Define and own the conversation in your category

  • Create clear separation from your competitors

  • Reinforce a unique positioning platform

  • Create a positive and lasting engagement with your audience

  • Provide a deep well of marketing and advertising material

  • Be unforgettable

Powerful names are built on powerful positioning strategies. The key is finding a fresh way into the hearts and minds of your customers, to redefine and own the conversation in your space, and engage people on as many levels as possible.

Throughout our process, we make sure everyone involved is given the insight and understanding necessary to embrace the most effective name for the job. Without an intimate knowledge of how names work, the best names are vulnerable to dismissal:

  • "Starbucks? Sounds like a TV game show where celebrities compete for cash."
  • "Starbucks? Are we selling gift certificates to the planetarium?
  • "Starbucks? That would be great if we were renaming the Chippendale dancers."

It's easy to find reasons to say no to a name. The trick is knowing when to say yes.