About Igor

We create breakout names for companies large and small, from names launched by Richard Branson and Bill Gates to startups in AI, education, healthcare, software, biopharma, yoga wear, social media and everything in between.

Igor was launched in 2002 by a couple of optimistic earthbound spirits obsessed with the power of language and brand names. They met at a naming agency in the 90s, where they were shocked to learn that the naming industry was(and is) dominated by agencies deploying a process called The Happy Idiot that deliberately delivers impotent names to smiling clients. Most naming agencies see your naming project as a consensus building exercise only, and not a quest for a powerful name that consensus is then built around. They only present names of the vanilla variety, because getting buy-in on breakout brand names require brains, time, commitment and hard work.

Our competitors’ names appeal only to their clients and not to their client’s customers.

Igor's names excite both our clients and our client’s audience, to the point of inspiring a usually reserved Knight Bachelor of the Order of the British Empire to do this:

In lieu of cringeworthy yearbook photos, here’s a shot of our humbling original website: