Naming Agency

The Best Product & Company Names Require The Least Advertising.

They Are Advertisements.

Before you begin, it is essential to decide what you want your new name to do for you. To make that decision, you need to understand the possibilities. A name can:

  • achieve separation from your competitors
  • demonstrate to the world that you are different
  • reinforce a unique positioning platform
  • create positive and lasting engagement with your audience
  • be unforgettable
  • propel itself through the world on its own, becoming a no-cost, self-sustaining PR vehicle
  • provide a deep well of marketing and advertising images
  • be the genesis of a brand that rises above the goods and services you provide
  • completely dominate a category

A powerful name is the result of a powerful positioning strategy. The key is to find a fresh way into the hearts and minds of your customers, redefine and own the conversation in your industry, and engage people on as many levels as possible.

The best names represent the ultimate process of boiling these ideas down into a word or two.