Nokia launches Luna, named by Igor

Nokia demonstrated a change in brand strategy today, releasing a new phone in the U.S. and Europe that has a name and not just a model number. And, yeah, we named it. For around $800, a Nokia Luna can be yours. Via

Nokia just announced the Nokia 8600 Luna, a slider luxury phone with a shell made of smoked glass. For example, the keypad is visible through the protective cover but only reveals when you slide it up.

Named after Luna, “the goddess of moonlight, which was often represented by the Romans as a mysteriously captivating beauty encircled in a soft, yet radiant light”, the Nokia 8600 Luna will also include a 2-megapixel camera, a mini USB port and quad-band worldwide roaming.

nokia luna

And from MobileTechReview:

Building upon a tradition of crafting its most unique and prestigious phones from trend-setting materials like chrome, stainless steel and titanium, Nokia today unveiled the Nokia 8600 Luna, which has been precision engineered from the same material that has inspired both artists and craftsmen for centuries- glass.

The melding of nearly opaque smoked glass with unique, soft-touch stainless steel makes the Nokia 8600 Luna as enchanting to behold as it is a joy to touch. Adding to its mysterious allure, a gentle keypad illumination pulsates from beneath the glass case while the phone awaits a call. Combined with the warmth of its glass and stainless steel body, this “heartbeat” transforms the Nokia 8600 Luna from an inanimate object into a trusted companion with an organic, virtually alive form. When a call does beckon, the signature slide movement is carefully balanced to smoothly raise the ergonomic keypad from within its glass cocoon.

The balance of aesthetics and ergonomics found in the design of the Nokia 8600 Luna continues in its well thought out feature set. Nokia’s first use of a single micro-USB port not only allows for a streamlined design free of extraneous indentations, it allows owners to streamline common activities – like charging, audio and data connectivity – into a single connection. Quad-band GSM support also allows owners to easily stay connected while they are on the road, while the large, bright display is perfect for sharing images captured with the 2 megapixel camera.

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